"Holiday of a Lifetime"
Local Amenities

Formosa Gardens Plaza This is the main shopping plaza and comprises a mall with Winn Dixie supermarket) and numerous other shops and restaurants. There is generous parking and the area is nice and clean and the shop staff friendly. As this area caters mainly for tourists, prices are a little on the high side. The Outback Aussie Steakhouse is a good restaurant (but gets very busy) and there is a convenient Taco Bell; TGI Friday's and Dairy Queen also. A number of other franchised shops and eating places can be found and the whole area serves as a useful convenience and is even within walking and cycling distance.

Highway 192 The 192 is a long stretch of highway with mile markers to help you locate the huge number of shops; restaurants and attractions that are located along it's length. The road is a multi lane highway punctuated by frequent traffic lights with service roads either side giving access to the shops and restaurants. You will find most well known buffet restaurants such as Denny's, Shoney's, Sizzler, IHOP, Steak & Shake etc. (as well as McDonalds, Burger King etc.). Old Town is located on the side east of the I4 near Marker 9. Worth seeing the classic car shows on Friday and Saturday nights! There is a great value Wal Mart located at Marker 14 and the entrance to Celebration is near Marker 8. Continuing west along the 192 to Marker 15 will take you into down town Kissimmee (south of Orlando). The turn off to Emerald Island is on the west side of the 192 between Marker 4 and 5.

Highway 27 Highway 27 is developing rapidly with many new resort communities (including Solana) and more shops and restaurants. A very large shopping and business complex is being built on HW27 south at the intersection of the I4. There is also another large Wal-Mart supermarket on HW27 north (turning right from the 192 west).